How to sell without agony

11 August, 2014

Selling can be filled with agony. Why? Maybe because it’s so easy to view the results: either you succeed – or you don’t. Maybe because each sales call is a Moment of Truth that reveals if you’re really cut out to be a business owner. But anxiety seldom helps when it’s time to sell. Here are five tips to help… Read more

Less selling, more service!

21 July, 2014

A bad sales person is like a crocodile: with a huge jaw and tiny ears. But a good sales person doesn’t “only” need to be a good listener. In order to reach our customers, we need to shift our focus: from winning the deal to making the customer happy!   Creating happy customers should be one of the main driving… Read more

Your brand – who do you want to be?

16 December, 2013

When I started my first company, I didn’t even think about branding. In all honesty, the business idea wasn’t very visionary either: after many years as a consultant and business developer, I started… a consultancy within business development!   My logo was classically navy blue, square-shaped, and I even managed to squeeze in the word “management” in my company name…. Read more

Selling truthfully – or are you faking it to make it?

23 November, 2013

When out selling, we can suddenly get hit by insecurity: will we really be able to land that deal? At times, it can be tempting to give the truth a bit of a facelift. But boosting reality to the point where you’re no longer yourself will eventually hurt your business. Here are five common traps to avoid:   I know… Read more

How to get more customers!

10 September, 2013

Autumn is here and you’re fully motivated for work. There’s just one small problem: your customers aren’t exactly knocking on your door. In all honesty, they don’t even seem to know that you exist! Naturally, it’s your job to find and get your customers. But where are they? And how do you reach them? Here are four ways to get… Read more