Realizing your meaningful projects

01 July, 2013

E-mails, phone calls, meetings, admin… The daily work is a must without which our companies would come to a standstill. Still, the same question keeps on popping up: is this really what entrepreneurship is about?   As business owners, our passion usually lies elsewhere. Many of us have a long list of things that we’d really like to do. Things… Read more

Stop procrastinating, start selling!

17 May, 2013

When it comes to selling, many business owners turn into top procrastinators. Suddenly, there are thousands of things that are more important than selling: even doing the laundry can seem like Very Important Business! :) But without selling, there is no company. So how do you make sure you get it done?   Create a sales plan. Set clear goals… Read more

Cold calling – how to catch the customer over the phone

14 April, 2013

Cold calling is probably one the toughest parts of sales: the prospective client doesn’t know who you are and isn’t expecting your call. To make those cold calls a little easier, I’ve put together the most common questions I get, and some of my tips to succeed!   What do I need to consider before making the call? • Read up… Read more

How to write copy that boosts your sales

05 March, 2013

Getting your target audience to read what you’re writing – and then hopefully buy what you’re selling – is an art in itself. With many different communication channels – printed as well as online – it’s more important than ever to keep up your writing, and to make sure that your copy really works.   Here’s how to write effective… Read more

Reaching further with less – 7 steps to a more productive business

30 January, 2013

Time is scarce for many business owners. But sometimes we´re pretty lousy at getting the most out of the time we actually have. Common productivity killers are…   • Doing what’s easy rather than doing what’s important • Underestimating the time that’s needed to complete a project • Always putting others first • Focusing more on being active than on… Read more