7 tips to succeed with your sales meeting!

29 January, 2013

As we all know, our sales results depend a lot on our ability to present ourselves and our companies. Unfortunately, many of us were never taught presentation technique in school. Still, here we are: small business owners who need to be everything, including awesome at sales! Do you feel like you’re walking on ice during your sales meetings? Here are… Read more

Baby, business and balance

15 October, 2012

A newborn baby! How wonderful! But a newborn baby and a company – how does that work?   Last fall, I was expecting our first child. I tried not to fool myself when picturing Life with Baby – surely it must be naïve to think that I could work AND be a new mom. My sister confirmed: “Don´t count on… Read more

Evaluation – an unexpected friend

11 September, 2011

Money on your company account and a great customer flow – it´s pretty obvious that business is going great, right? But before it starts rolling – how will you know you´re on the right track? And if business suddenly becomes slow, how will you know what to improve? And even if things are going really awesome at the moment, how… Read more

From resistance to activity – how to get going on a slow day!

08 September, 2011

Some days suck, that´s just the way it is. Your motivation is lacking. The brain seems to be on strike. And no matter how fun your projects seemed yesterday, they’ve all gone grey today. Time to hide in a corner and do nothing? Maybe. But probably not. According to one of Sweden’s major newspapers, Dagens Nyheter, small business owners call… Read more

Stronger sales with the right attitude!

23 July, 2011

Say the word sales, and many business owners feel nauseous!   Performance anxiety and doubts about our own ability to sell are common – as are stereotypes on how a salesperson is, and ideas that you’re either a born salesperson or not. Many feel that they´re bothering the client and have a hard time closing the deal.   Kind of… Read more