A new year, with new dreams?

31 December, 2010

Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve is on its way and in just a few hours we´ll be entering a new year. Is your mind filled with wonderful dreams for the future – or are you stuck in old patterns? This last day of the year is a busy one for most of us. But I hope that you’ll take… Read more

Planning – friend or foe?

21 September, 2010

Planning – is it just a waste of time or something you just can´t live without?   For me, planning is a mental soother that makes me feel in control. But the value is also concrete: planning helps me achieve the goals that I’ve set. My stress level decreases, nothing is left unclear and I have a great tool that… Read more

Stepping across the border without falling

30 July, 2010

You arrive relaxed to the meeting, dressed in a shirt and denims. You greet to your counterpart cheerfully, take the command, walk her through the agenda of the meeting and start off with the first point of the day.   The conversation is flowing, and in the casual manner of a sales person, you frequently use the counterpart´s first name…. Read more

Small business success factors

11 March, 2010

There are many different beliefs around the idea of running your own business. Some imagine a stressfree life in freedom, with flexible hours and the possibility of working from anywhere. To others, the idea of being your own boss seems like too much of a risk, a life full of stress and insecurity.   The truth is obviously somewhere in… Read more

The perfect perfectionism

15 February, 2010

Some years ago, when I felt stuck in my company, it hit me that I could contact a coach. But I quickly rejected the idea. How embarrassing, I thought, to ask for help without first being more sure of my next steps! Hm…   After much too long, I finally gathered the courage. And to my relief my coach helped… Read more