How to sell your services

15 September, 2014

If you’re in the service industry, you probably share a challenge with many others: to convince your customers to buy from you, even though you can’t actually show them what you’re selling. When your unique selling points are intangible, a few extra tricks are required to win the deal. Here are six tips to help you succeed with selling your… Read more

Your brand – who do you want to be?

16 December, 2013

When I started my first company, I didn’t even think about branding. In all honesty, the business idea wasn’t very visionary either: after many years as a consultant and business developer, I started… a consultancy within business development!   My logo was classically navy blue, square-shaped, and I even managed to squeeze in the word “management” in my company name…. Read more

Selling truthfully – or are you faking it to make it?

23 November, 2013

When out selling, we can suddenly get hit by insecurity: will we really be able to land that deal? At times, it can be tempting to give the truth a bit of a facelift. But boosting reality to the point where you’re no longer yourself will eventually hurt your business. Here are five common traps to avoid:   I know… Read more

To let go and get rid of Desperation

15 March, 2011

Sometimes I´m fascinated by how much we can affect simply through our own attitude, our mental and emotional energy. The cliché of a glass half empty or half full is pretty old by now. But when it comes to business results, the effect of your own attitude is huge!   Some time ago, I talked to a dear friend of… Read more

Wrong Customers and the Art of Saying No

19 February, 2011

You get a phone call: someone wants your help with a project. You´re thrilled: a new potential client! Naturally, you immediately express your interest!   You put together your offer and await the reply eagerly. The client accepts, and a week later you start working. It seems everything is going your way!   But a few days later, things start… Read more