5 tips for a successful business start

18 November, 2014

Many are those who long for a business of their own. But sometimes one doesn’t know within which field – or when it’s time to make that leap. If you feel that running your own business might be for you, but you don’t know where or how to begin – here are 5 tips to get you started.   What… Read more

Realizing your meaningful projects

01 July, 2013

E-mails, phone calls, meetings, admin… The daily work is a must without which our companies would come to a standstill. Still, the same question keeps on popping up: is this really what entrepreneurship is about?   As business owners, our passion usually lies elsewhere. Many of us have a long list of things that we’d really like to do. Things… Read more

Evaluation – an unexpected friend

11 September, 2011

Money on your company account and a great customer flow – it´s pretty obvious that business is going great, right? But before it starts rolling – how will you know you´re on the right track? And if business suddenly becomes slow, how will you know what to improve? And even if things are going really awesome at the moment, how… Read more

Planning – friend or foe?

21 September, 2010

Planning – is it just a waste of time or something you just can´t live without?   For me, planning is a mental soother that makes me feel in control. But the value is also concrete: planning helps me achieve the goals that I’ve set. My stress level decreases, nothing is left unclear and I have a great tool that… Read more