5 tips for a successful business start

18 November, 2014

Many are those who long for a business of their own. But sometimes one doesn’t know within which field – or when it’s time to make that leap. If you feel that running your own business might be for you, but you don’t know where or how to begin – here are 5 tips to get you started.   What… Read more

Realizing your meaningful projects

01 July, 2013

E-mails, phone calls, meetings, admin… The daily work is a must without which our companies would come to a standstill. Still, the same question keeps on popping up: is this really what entrepreneurship is about?   As business owners, our passion usually lies elsewhere. Many of us have a long list of things that we’d really like to do. Things… Read more

Baby, business and balance

15 October, 2012

A newborn baby! How wonderful! But a newborn baby and a company – how does that work?   Last fall, I was expecting our first child. I tried not to fool myself when picturing Life with Baby – surely it must be naïve to think that I could work AND be a new mom. My sister confirmed: “Don´t count on… Read more

To all entrepreneurial role models!

12 May, 2011

It´s Sunday morning, early 1970s. The rattling sound of a typewriter slowly wakes up the family. It’s our very own alarm clock, busy bee and solo entrepreneur who´s already on the go: my mom. As a copywriter and a small business owner, she was constantly thinking about advertising copy, and she would catch the inspiration whenever it´d come flying by…. Read more

To let go and get rid of Desperation

15 March, 2011

Sometimes I´m fascinated by how much we can affect simply through our own attitude, our mental and emotional energy. The cliché of a glass half empty or half full is pretty old by now. But when it comes to business results, the effect of your own attitude is huge!   Some time ago, I talked to a dear friend of… Read more