The Time Saver: The Efficiency Program

tick-boxesThe Efficiency Program is created for experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to create a smoother and more time efficient business.


Do you spend a lot of time searching for documents? Do you often re-invent the wheel and do routine work from scratch? Are you lacking policies and routines that give your company a coherent and professional image? Then the Efficiency package is the right support for you!


The Efficiency Program answers questions such as:
- Which are my time thieves and how can I avoid them?
- Which tasks can I make more efficient – and how?
- How do I create and maintain order in my company?
- How do I quality assure my work and the work of my staff?
- How do I turn company policies into concrete customer experiences?


The Efficiency Program is tailored to your business and your specific challenges. We’ll go through your current challenges and how you want your business to function. You choose which ares you want to focus on:


- Efficient systems that quality assure your work and saves time
- Routines and templates for recurring tasks
- Company standards- and policies for key areas
- Clear and coherent company communication (internally and externally)
- Implementing and following up systems, routines and policies


The Efficiency Program runs intensively for two months, has a hands-on focus and allows you to start working directly to create a smoother, easier and more stimulating company.


About the Efficiency Program:
- Runs for 60 days
- Includes 6 coaching sessions (each session lasts 45 minutes) over the phone
- Includes 4 hours of e-mail coaching, where you can ask additional questions, bounce an idea or ask for feedback on texts (eg. policies, routines, templates)
- Price: 900 Euros


Is the Efficiency Program right for you? Contact me for a conversation on how I can support you in creating a smooth and easy-to-run business. Send me an e-mail or call me on +46 8 519 715 17 or +382 69 471 869.