The Booster: The Growth Program

Money and plant.The Growth Program is for veteran entrepreneurs who have reached a plateau in their business and are ready for a change in order to expand, get more customers and improve profitability.


Do you want to renovate company vision and business model? Build a strategy for growth? Create new products for new customer groups? Then the Growth Program is right for you!


The Growth Program answers questions such as:
- How can I adapt my company to new conditions (internal and/or external)?
- What are my new company goals – and how can I reach them?
- How can I increase revenue?
- Which new products or services can I create?
- Which are my new customer groups – and how do I reach them?
- In which ways can I strengthen and improve my marketing?


The Growth Program is tailored to your business and your specific challenges. You choose which areas you want to focus on:
- Renovating company vision and goals
- Creating a strategy and action plan for change and expansion
- Brainstorm around new products or services
- Create a plan for product- or service development
- Update the pricing strategy for existing and future offers
- Create an efficient marketing plan with additional target groups and markting channels


The Growth Program runs intensively during two months. It’s designed so that you directly can start working towards a renewed and more profitable business that is in line with yourself and your market.


About the Growth Program:
- Runs for 60 days
- Includes 6 coaching sessions (each session lasts 45 minutes) over the phone
- Includes 2 hours of e-mail coaching, where you can ask additional questions, bounce an idea or get feedback on texts (eg- marketing strategy, product descriptions, action plans)
- Price: 900 Euros


Is the Growth Program right for you? Contact me for a conversation on how I can support you in taking your business to the next level. Send me an e-mail or call me on +46 8 519 715 17 or +382 69 471 869.