The Brainstormer: Intensive Pass

strategyIf you just need to brainstorm around a single issue to give your company a real boost forward, the Intensive Pass might be right for you!


An Intensive Pass gives you a highly strategic, creative and focused support, where we go through one or two questions during a two-hour session.


An Intensive Pass includes:
- A preparation form to target and clarify your challenges
- A two hour coaching session over the phone. We’ll take a 15 minute break after the first hour in order to maintain high energy and creativity!


The price for an Intensive Pass: 350 Euros


Do you need new perspectives regarding a strategic business issue? Contact me to hear how an Intensive Pass can support you in effectively moving your business forward! Send me an e-mail or call me on +46 8 519 715 17 or +382 69 471 869.