The Super Seller: The Sales Program

webThe Sales Program is targeted to entrepreneurs who have been in business for a while, but haven’t reached satisfactory sales results.


Are you lacking a clear sales strategy? Are your marketing efforts without real results? Are you having a hard time closing the deal? Then the Sales Program is perfect for you!


The Sales Program answers questions such as:
- How do I reach more customers?
- How do I create effective sales messages?
- How do I catch the customers’ attention?
- Which marketing mix suits my company best?
- How do I build long-term customer relations?


The Sales Program is tailored to your company and your specific challenges. You choose which areas you want to focus on:
- Your target group: finding the right target group and expanding your customer base
- Creating sales messages that capture the customers’ interest
- Producing and implementing powerful customer presentations
- Building an efficient marketing plan with goals, strategy and campaigns
- Review existing or create new marketing material that really sells
- A strategy for building long-lasting customer relations


The Program runs intensively during 60 days and allows you to quickly start working to improve your sales results; create a targeted sales strategy; and a strategic marketing plan.


About the Sales Program:
- Runs for two months
- Includes 6 coaching sessions (each session lasts 45 minutes) over the phone
- Includes 4 hours of e-mail coaching, where you can ask additional questions, bounce an idea or ask for feedback on texts (eg. sales messages, sales and marketing strategy, presentation material)
- Price: 900 Euros


Is the Sales Program right for you? Contact me to hear how I can help you really boost your sales results! Send me an e-mail or call me on +46 8 519 715 17 or +382 69 471 869.