The Kickstart: The Start-up Program

imagesL93Z42IVThe Start-up Program is perfect for you if you’re planning to start, or have recently started your business. If you take your company and your time seriously and want to give yourself the best conditions to succeed.


The Start-up Program works with your entire business concept and gives your company a solid foundation. You’ll avoid the most common mistakes and shorten your route to success.


We’ll work through your business concept and answer the questions:
- How do I know if my business idea is the right one?
- Who should I sell to?
- Where can I find my customers?
- How do I reach my target market?
- Where and how should I begin?


The Start-Up Program is tailored to your business. We’ll go straight to your most important challenges and cover the most important aspects of your business: from company vision, business idea and target group to strategy, market- and action plan. The Program runs intensively during 90 days to allow you to efficiently get going and give your company a powerful start.


About the Start-Up Program:
- Runs for 3 months
- Includes 8 coaching sessions (one session lasts 45 minutes) over the phone
- Includes 2 hours of e-mail coaching, where you can ask additional questions, bounce and idea or ask for feedback on texts (eg. business- or marketing plans)
- Price: 1200 Euros


Is the Start-Up Program right for you? Contact me for a conversation on how I can support you in giving your business a flying start! Send me an e-mail or call me at +46 8 519 715 17 or +382 69 471 869.