Sales and communication

Feel like you’re bothering the customer - or are you a “born sales person”?


Regardless of our self-image, each of us has unique talents that, used in the right way, can turn us into real sales pros!


During my Sales and Communication presentation, I go through common attitudes around sales, how to communicate effectively with your target audience, and sales techniques that really work.


Here are 3 things that you’ll learn:


- How our different talents – sometimes the ones we value the least – can help us create our own, effective signature style of selling.


- My 6-step communication process, that will make creating effective sales messages easy as a breeze.


- How to succeed with your sales – from the initial contact to the actual sales meeting.


I base my presentation on my long experience within sales and communication, including loads of public presentation opportunities in front of different target audiences in different countries; my 20 years within international business development; and my 10 years as a business owner.


Needless to say, I always tailor the content to suit your specific needs.


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