Strategic planning

Doing lots or doing what matters?


The everyday life of the entrepreneur is filled with activities. Many feel an overwhelming need to be everywhere, to do everything – and preferably all at the same time.


But is the level of activity the key to success? Or is it all about placing your energy in the right places?


This presentation is for entrepreneurs who are in it for the long run; who want to see their business succeed and grow over time.


Here are 3 things that you’ll learn:


- My method for clarifying choices, deciding and prioritizing.


- An efficient system for getting the right things done at the right time.


- How to grow your business, using my effective 10 step process that takes you from idea to income.


I base the presentation on my long experience of international business and organizational development, including several years as an entrepreneur and founder of several companies; working with strategic development at Arthur Andersen, Colt Telecom and the Swedish Trade Council; and as Head of Evaluation for a 200 million Euro development initiative.


Naturally, I always tailor the content to suit your needs.


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