Happy Clients

Words from coaching clients


I reached out to Sanna after my business reached a plateau. Our virtual meetings helped me understand my daily activities and analyse my strengths and weaknesses. Sanna’s encouragement helped me focus on the steps which needed to be taken.

I gained an invaluable perspective on my work; she also helped me shape the plan of action by talking me through some of my fears and dissecting problems into manageable chunks.

But the most valuable aspect was the ability to talk to her about my business and my plans, as she was always genuinely interested in me and my problems. Focus, perspective and strategy –  that’s in short what I have gained. I am looking forward to our next sessions in the future.

Bozena Burda, Polkadot Global Ltd., London, the UK

I hired Sanna to develop my company’s marketing strategy, that needed renovating. My goal: to reach my target market more effectively, and to get more clients.

I learned many new things about marketing and received very concrete support in creating a new marketing strategy, and one that quickly started generating results.

Sanna is very professional in her role as Coach. She’s straight-to-the-point, knowledgeable and unpretentious. I warmly recommend her coaching services to every business owner who wants to develop and grow!

Olgica Nikčevic, Šarm D.o.o.


I needed help during the start-up phase of my clothing company. Sanna helped me create a company strategy and a marketing plan, and gave me great ideas for developing my business in a smart and goal-oriented way – ideas that I could start implementing right away. It was a great feeling to see how the company started to blossom!

It’s very stimulating to work with Sanna. She’s professional but relaxed at the same time. And I’m so happy about the progress that I’ve started to make!

Thanks Sanna!

Marina Pejovic, Ivica & Marica


Sanna was instrumental in helping me become more efficient in my work during a rather difficult time. She supported me in setting clear goals and identifying the steps I needed to take to go through with the changes. During regular coaching sessions, she helped me maintain my focus and motivation. Her open attitude, optimism and no-nonsense approach was a great support. I was delighted to work with Sanna. She has my highest recommendations.

Eric Le Reste


Feedback from course participants


- Sanna presents well and gives examples that make it easier to understand.

- As a course leader, Sanna is interesting, clear and well-structured.

- She is knowledgeable and experienced.

- Sanna is very well-read and knowledgeable, very inspiring!!

- She was straightforward and flexible.

- Knowledgeable, convincing, clear and to-the-point.

- Inspiring, gives a feeling of “can-do” which is contagious.

- Sanna is very calm and nice and interested in helping.

- Experienced and inspiring.

- She’s a skilled rhetorician.

- Sanna really knows what she’s talking about.


The workshop was incredibly useful! I learned how to become more efficient as a business owner!
Svetlana Cukic, Atel D.o.o.


Sanna is extremely professional and knowledgeable! I got many new ideas for developing my company.
Olgica Nikcevic, Charme Unikum D.o.o.


Sanna is open and objective and provided many great examples from best practice. She helped me get a new perspective on my business – fabulous for our development ahead! Useful exercises helped me get a lot better at presenting my company. Thanks Sanna for two great days!
Mirjana Paunovic, Pamark


Sanna is a highly skilled workshop leader, fun and to-the-point! Her lessons on strategic planning gave me insights that will really help my company forward!
Neda Novegic


Sanna is a very informative course leader who knows how to stimulate a discussion. Interactive exercises and knowledge-sharing helped me really see my competitive advantages. Thanks Sanna for an awesome workshop!
Vera Lekovic, Royal Club Travel


Sanna is a very experienced business developer who has the ability to transfer her knowledge to others. Her clear input gave me brilliant ideas for new products that I’ve already started to implement.
Biljana Vukcevic


I really appreciated Sanna’s ability to transfer knowledge to course participants in a clear and hands-on way. Sanna gives concrete examples that make it interesting and useful! Everything was awesome!
Radojka Ražnatović, Frutiera D.o.o.


What I like most about Sanna as a workshop leader is her ability to turn her professional experience into information that we can really apply to our own businesses. Super-important for my newly started company!
Lidija Vukcevic


Sanna is a super-clear workshopleader who really works with high quality! She gave me excellent advice on how to develop my business.
Katarina Popovic, Populus D.o.o.


Sanna is very knowledgeable and focuses on what’s really relevant! I learned many things that will help me grow my business!
Ljubica Kostic-Bukarica, M.A.S. Code D.o.o.


Happy customers


Since 2010 the Swedish Institute has been running a major project in Eastern Europe called Creative Women. The aim of the project is to stimulate a dialogue abour women’s entrepreneurship and why it is so vital to help women realise their potential.
In November 2013 Sanna Koritz was invited by the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Embassy in Moldova to speak at the project’s opening in Chisinau and to lead a workshop about promoting women’s entrepreneurship.
Sanna’s approach, in which she was able to draw on her wide experience of both Sweden and Montenegro, was much appreciated by the specially invited participants and was a major contribution to the success of the project in Moldova.
Judith Black, Project manager, the Swedish Institute


Sanna delivered an excellent training program within business development for GIZ Montenegro and for members of the Association for Business Women of Montenegro.
During a two-day workshop and through individual coaching sessions, Sanna helped each business woman strengthen her abilities within business development. The impact of the training was highly positive.
Sanna is professional with a positive attitude and a talent for training and consulting within business development. She’s a great person to work with!
Alma Henic Strahinja, GIZ Montenegro


Sanna created and held a workshop for the group of Mentors and Mentees who participated in the EU-financed Mentorship Program, managed by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CEED) during 2012.
Sanna is an inspiring trainer, who has the ability to transfer “hands-on” knowledge that participants can start using right away in their businesses. She uses real-life examples and lots of interaction to get participants involved and learning.
Sanna has a personal, direct and very clear style of communication and is not afraid to combine serious focus with a good portion of humor. She is very structured and makes it easy to follow along.
Our participants were very happy with Sanna’s workshop! It was a pleasure working with Sanna and I warmly recommend her as a trainer/workshop leader.
Vesna Bojanovic, CEED