Less selling, more service!

21 July, 2014

A bad sales person is like a crocodile: with a huge jaw and tiny ears. But a good sales person doesn’t “only” need to be a good listener. In order to reach our customers, we need to shift our focus: from winning the deal to making the customer happy!


Creating happy customers should be one of the main driving forces behind our businesses. And if we keep on thinking about what’s best for our customers – rather than just focusing on the results – our sales will improve. We can stay relaxed, interested and genuine – a positive energy to transfer to our customers! Here are four phases when you can use customer service as your main sales strategy:


Before the customer is a customer. The more you learn about the customer, the easier it’ll be to determine if and how you can help. Which questions do you need to ask to learn about customer needs? How do you listen to and follow up the answers? How you treat the customer can be crucial for a continued relation. How do you want to be perceived?


Time for tender. A clear offer helps the customer in the purchasing decision. Prove that you’ve understood the customer’s needs – your offer should show maximum customer benefit. Give more than the client expects through free samples, a new-customer-discount, or similar. (Turning down a customer that you, for some reason, won’t be able to handle, is also good service).


The daily contact. You can show that you care about your customers each day. When you speak with them on the phone. When you solve problems that have occurred. Or when you give them unexpected service. Look out for and forward things that can be of interest for your customers: articles, industry reports … Support the customer in their continued development: a happy customer will happily stay with you.


During the evaluation. Evaluate your company – review your customer relations. How well do you take care of them? Are they experiencing the advantages that you promised at the start of your relation? Is there something you can improve? Is there any new customer- or industry information you should adapt to?


Being in business for the long run means that your need to care about your customers, always. Time consuming? Sure. But if you take care of your customers, they’ll take care of you!