How to sell your services

15 September, 2014

If you’re in the service industry, you probably share a challenge with many others: to convince your customers to buy from you, even though you can’t actually show them what you’re selling. When your unique selling points are intangible, a few extra tricks are required to win the deal. Here are six tips to help you succeed with selling your services:


Make it concrete. It’s your responsibility to help the customer understand the benefits of what you’re selling. We often talk about how we do things. But what’s more relevant of course, is the benefits that your customers will experience by using your services.


Be generous. With heavy competition, it’s not a good time to hold back on your knowledge. Few customers are ready to buy at a first contact. This means that you need to create credibility for yourself and for what you’re selling. So highlight your competence and uniqueness by communicating through blogs posts, articles, public speaking engagements…


Be personal. When it comes to selling services, your personality is an extra important key, and an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition. You are uniquely you - noone else has that advantage! Dare to highlight your strengths, and create a personal way of expressing yourself.


Productify! Developing your services into products is one way to concretize their value. (And to give yourself more revenue streams). Knowledge can be packaged into books, online courses, templates, seminars…


Let others do the talking. Make happy customers a part of your marketing. Ask them to write a short reference that you can put on your webpage; write short customer cases about previous projects and how you helped the client solve a particular problem (naturally, with the client’s approval).


Use your passion. Tell your clients about why you’re running your business. Passion is contagious and makes it easier to relate to you. It signals that you’re probably good at what you’re doing – and that you will deliver to a high standard. Just don’t forget to combine heart with hard facts.


Selling services has its challenges. But with empathy, engagement and clarity, it becomes a lot easier!