Selling through trust: how to create engaging content

18 October, 2014

Today, building relationships is vital to succeed with sales; to make sure that your target audience trusts your company and your product. Sharing your competence is one way – and there are many different channels we can use to communicate our messages. But how do we create content that our customers really care about? Here are six efficient steps:


Decide to be generous. Before, “protectionism” and loudly telling your customers to “Buy, buy, buy!” were key. Today, not sharing your knowledge and content won’t work. Credibility is what stands out amongst the noise in the marketplace. And that in turn requires openness and generosity.


Find your specialty. What do you want to be “known” for? What do you want your target group to associate you with? Are you a technology guru, networker or health expert? And what within your specific area is your specialty?


Find your topics. Once you’ve circled your area of specialization, it’s time to find themes to share. Think outside-and-in: which problems are your customers experiencing? Which of these are most urgent, and which are most important for them to get help with? Write down all possible topics that you can think of.


Define and divide. List your most important insights under each topic. What are the challenges? What are the solutions? How can one think regarding a certain issue? Split up into further themes if possible: short and specific is most often better than long and generic.


Decide on form and context. Decide how you want to share your knowledge. Do you prefer to speak or to write? Would you rather create blog posts, youtube clips or mini-courses? Where do you want to be seen? Will you give your content without anything in return, or do you want to ask for an e-mail address or something else?


Production time! Create a structure that is logical and easy to follow. Make sure that your experience and your values shine through, and that the customer understands how you can help. Find an appropriate level, where you create value without sharing everything.


Your competitors can’t copy what’s truly you: your unique knowledge, your unique way of doing things. So dare to be generous – with a well thought-through strategy for content, you’ll have everything to win.