To let go and get rid of Desperation

15 March, 2011

Sometimes I´m fascinated by how much we can affect simply through our own attitude, our mental and emotional energy. The cliché of a glass half empty or half full is pretty old by now. But when it comes to business results, the effect of your own attitude is huge!


Some time ago, I talked to a dear friend of mine. She´s running a project where she´s been working hard for quite some time to get sponsors and other stakeholders on board. The results have been slow to show and things have been up-hill for some time. But during our last conversation my friend was almost ecstatic. Why? Because she had just reached the stage of letting go of and getting rid of Desperation. And that feeling was liberating!


Feeling desperate, or at least without hope or faith, is something most business owner have experienced, if only for a few moments. Desperation shows up when we don´t get the response we´ve been hoping for, when it takes time to get those longed-after customers, or when we can´t see the results of all our efforts.


We start looking at ourselves differently – maybe were not the super professional and energetic individuals we thought we were? Doubt slowly turns into hopelessness that – if worse comes to worst – transforms into Desperation. And when Desperation hits, we start acting differently: we get more cautious, we don’t seize new opportunities, we become less convincing at sales… And worst of all: our energy changes completely!


When I talked to my friend she´d just realized why her project had been moving so slowly. “We´ve been comparing ourselves with our competitors!” she exclaimed. “Choose us, we are so much better than the rest, we promise!” – this was their previous message in a nutshell. With a slow start they found themselves in a desperate position, and with that energy as the basis, the situation had grown even worse.


Their new attitude is totally different and could be summed up like this: “This is what we stand for, this is the way we work – you´re more than welcome to join us if you share our values”. No Desperation. Only a solid belief in their own concept and that the right people will show up. This calm and composed energy has greatly affected their actions, and within shortly generated positive and concrete results.


Choosing to get rid of Desperation is all about finding your way back to your core. Renewing your trust in yourself. Daring to choose differently and saying no. Remembering that things take time – and that this doesn’t mean that success isn´t on its way to you.


Call it a glass half-full or confident energy – the point is that you have a huge possibility to affect your own results. You can let go of Desperation and replace it with something which is a lot more fun. Kind of nice, don´t you think?! :)


Have you and your business fallen into the black hole of Desperation and have a hard time getting out of there? I´ll help you find the way back to your core, clear any doubts and set a dynamic business strategy forward! Contact me for a talk about how I can support you and your business!


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  6. Thanks so much Clea for stopping by ~ bringing your beautiful Quinoa Pumpkin cakes (which I must make soon!) and for sharing your story.So happy to hear you’re doing great and have embraced a new healthier better way of eating ;DxoxoElla

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